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Do. 17. April 2014

Ostermarsch für Bildung statt Kampfjets/ Easyvote für jugendliche WählerInnen/ Generationenwechsel macht Kleinbauern zu schaffen » MEHR


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Mi. 16. April 2014

Weniger ist mehr » MEHR


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1. Berner Humortage

Angriff auf eure Lachmuskeln mit den 1. Berner Humortagen im Tojo Theater in der Reitschule, Dienstag-Samstag, 22.-26. April, 20-23 Uhr » MEHR

"Alles wird gut in ZuReich" - Radio-Feature

Spurensuche zu 20 Jahre Wohlgroth Räumung im RaBe-Info, Osterdienstag 22. April, 11 Uhr (WH 18 Uhr) » MEHR

About Radio Bern RaBe

Radio Bern RaBe is the non-commerical, cultural community radio station in Berne, Switzerland.


What do we Broadcast?

Diverse Music: Indy, Pop, Rock, Reggae, Electronica, Hip Hop and Black Music as well as Jazz, Blues and Folk. News and cultural progams of topics/themes that are all too often ignored by the mainstream media. Programs produced by and for immigrants. Live broadcasts of concert, festivals, theater and performances of the spoken word. And all commerical-free!

What ARE our goals?

  • A diverse and extraordinary set of program offerings
  • A listenership that identifies itself with our community radio station
  • The ability to provide an easy entry into the world of community radio
  • The promotion of talents in the areas of journalism, culture, music and media
  • A platform for the expression of culture and art
  • A platform for members of the political and economic community.


Who are we?

Bernerinnen und Berner from all over the world


Who are our listeners?

Bernerinnen und Berner from all over the world

How are we funded?

Our commerial-free, non-profit radio is financed by members and patrons, partially by the Swiss radio user fee, as well as sponsoring and media partnerships.

How can you support Rabe?

  • By listening to and telling your friends and colleagues about Radio RaBe !
  • By becoming a member of Radio RaBe
  • By producing your own program on Radio RaBe
  • By giving your opinion to us on our programs
  • By supporting Radio RaBe through donations, sponsoring, media partnerships or volunteering your time.  

13. Mai 2009 (Translated from German)


Leitbild (German)